This piece was originally published on email by the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance

Fellow Harambeans

"In rising to the challenges of our continent, we must acknowledge that we didn’t ‘just arrive’ here. The poverty and underdevelopment that monopolizes our continent was designed, even constructed through centuries of complicated history. This matters because if it was designed, it means we can design and construct a new status quo for the continent. If poverty can be designed, then so can prosperity. You have been selected from thousands of applicants because you have demonstrated the capacity and tenacity to be an architect of prosperity for the African continent. You are a Harambean.

The Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance will mean different things for each one of us depending on where we are in our journey. Think of the Alliance as the crux of a wheel with so many spokes that can take you in several different directions. It is the point of entry to a trusted network and a pool of vetted opportunities. We have amassed a range of internships, scholarships, mentorship and development vehicles and funding opportunities for your business ventures.

Use your time at our seventh Symposium to cultivate strong relationships with your fellow Harambeans and our special guests that have come especially to meet you. There is tremendous power in human relationships; in how they inform our thinking, open doors, and make things happen. Everyone you will meet is part of your journey.

There are few occasions that will provide as much stimulus as the Harambe Bretton Woods Symposium. Be open. Be present. I believe the universe bends when you pay attention. Don’t miss your moment, your insight, your learning
because you weren’t paying attention. Grow. Connect. Dare. The continent needs the best of you."

"We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us" – Bukowski

Ms. Rabana, HEA ‘13