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Realizing your potential through awareness of self

The greatest competitive advantage you have in business and in life is yourself - yet how can you leverage an asset you do not know? Your capacity to lead yourself to fulfillment in your life is often intimately tied to how far you have gone, down the hard road to self-discovery.

Rapelang shares her personal entrepreneurial journey, from a 14-year old with too many questions, to the founding of her own companies, and being awarded as a revolutionary innovator and entrepreneur - all of which could only have been achieved through an understanding of herself.
The Human Response to the 4th Industrial Revolution

The fourth industrial revolution, 4IR, promises far reaching socio-economic benefits while also running the risk of accelerating job destruction ahead of creation. Without increased entrepreneurial and innovative involvement, the gap between the forerunners and passive observers will continue to widen. Rapelang redefines education systems and models of assessing human ability in order for individuals to continue to contribute beyond the automated world.

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Selected Events and Testimonials
Internetix, Cape Town & Johannesburg, 2016

Learning LandsCAPE, Cape Town, 2015

Allan Gray Achievement Awards, South Africa, 2015

World Summit Awards Mobile Congress, Abu Dhabi, 2015 >>

African School of Excellence, Johannesburg, 2015

Polytechnic of Namibia Graduation Ceremony, Windhoek, 2014

My World of Tomorrow Conference, Johannesburg, 2014

Nedbank Talks4Success, Cape Town, 2014

Media24 Teamspeak Conference, Cape Town, 2014

Development Policy Forum Annual Summit, Brussels, 2014

At Dinner with Africa, Venice, 2014

Naspers Learning & Development Conference, Amsterdam, 2014

Champions of Change South Africa Principals’ Association Western Cape, Cape Town, 2014

London Business School Africa Business Summit, London, 2014

Barclays Africa Forum, London, 2014

Global Policy Action and Trade Summit, Sao Paulo, 2014

Abraaj Group Annual Investors Forum, Istanbul, 2014

Dimension Data Customer Interact Forum, George, 2014

Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance Rome Forum, Vatican City, 2014

World Economic Forum on Africa, Cape Town, 2014

Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance Bretton Woods Symposium, Boston, 2013

ITC World Export Development Forum, Jakarta, 2013

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, Davos, 2012 >>

“Rapelang impressed us with her inspiring story and reminded us of the possibilities of technology and the future and, above all, of believing in yourself and having a clear vision.”

- Michelina Giacovazzi, Strategic Planning and Capability Build, Digital Banking, Standard Bank, 2016

"… an inspiring story of wisdom and insight… If Rapelang ran for President I would vote for her!"

- Saki Missaikos, MD of Internet Solutions (Dimension Data Company), March 2016

"Your esteemed wisdom and insightful thoughts shared with us remain highly inspirational, and your passion and vision for education and innovation are also highly appreciated by the Polytechnic community.'

- Tjama Tjivikua, Rector, Polytechnic of Namibia, Oct 2014

"It goes without saying that we were very impressed by your professionalism and attention to detail, which made working with you very easy. The content and style of your presentation was fantastic. Based on attendee feedback, our audience of banking and finance professional were inspired by your achievements, felt educated by your knowledge and impressed & motivated by your energy and dynamism. We couldn’t have asked for a better speaker to showcase the dynamic, innovative, positive future that we see for Africa."

- Saldys Jusu-Sheriff, Director, Barclays London, Dec 2013

"Thank you so much for your talk, it was so inspirational. The scholars were particularly taken by the directive to make your own choices and to persevere in the face of adversity, along with the examples of your experience doing both. Most of our scholars face quite a bit of adversity, and are often encouraged not to make their own choices, so it was great for them to hear that"

- Jay Kloppenberg, Founder & CEO, African School for Excellence, March 2015

"It was a delight and honour to have Rapelang speak at the Innovate the Cape Final Showcase. Her elegant and graceful style conveys an inspiring story full of wisdom and insight. She is a compelling speaker to young and old audiences alike."

- Stefan Louw,
Director, Innovate the Cape, March 2015